Spring wishlist

I made a list with things I wish to get them for this spring. Of course some of them they are to expensive for my budget but I just love them and I will search something that looks a like them :*
Kisses and I wish you all a lovely weekend 🙂
Spring wishlist

Moschino Cheap Chic green blazer
1.795 RON – stylebop.com

7.035 RON – brownsfashion.com

J Brand mid-rise jeans
1.290 RON – matchesfashion.com

Skinny leg jeans
135 RON – boohoo.com

Miu miu
2.035 RON – miumiu.com

Lining shoes
135 RON – target.com

Accessorize clutch
235 RON – accessorize.com

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