OOTD: Dive into the blue

Hello my lovely followers,
I prepared a lovely and such a girlie outfit for you today. Is summer and this means we should take out from our closet the dark colors. Is time to wear neon colors and strong colors. We can even pair together colors that we were afraid to pair them in the winter because we thought is to silly to wear them. Well now is time to play with colors , and to wear a lot of prints.
And because is summer of course we will wear dresses… they are so feminine and comfortable in the same time. That’s why I choose to buy this dress. Is such a lovely dress with amazing blue prints and a softly fabric. I love maxi dresses because they put in a comfortable place. They don’t let your legs to be shown, they are hiding the parts of your body that you don’t feel good to show and the most important is that you can choose prints that makes you look more skinny and more tall.
So heads up girls! Is time to wear maxi dresses! Wear everywhere and pair it with high heels, flats or whatever you like. You can even wear it without shoes on a late walk at the beach with your boyfriend… Ohhh this is so romantic 😀
I wish you all a lovely weekend!




4 gânduri despre „OOTD: Dive into the blue

  1. Iti sta super in albastru. Imi place print-ul rochitei. Geanta si mocasinii au o culoare superba. Vara trecuta am purtat mai des rochite maxi, sper sa port si anul acesta mai des. Pupici si weekend frumos si tie.


    1. Multumesc mult :* Si pe mine printul m-a atras prima data si oricum mie imi plac rochitele maxi. Sunt simplu de purtat si cum am zis mai acopera din ce nu ne place :)) Te pup :*


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