Notd: Going for neon Pink

Move over, Mint.  Get lost, Lilac.  There’s a new colour trend in town, and it looks as though it’s here to stay…PicMonkey CollageI always loved a nice color on my nails and for sure I love a neon Pink that makes me shine. Is a lovely colour and you can wear it everywhere.

Because this summer is all about contrast on nail trends, and because me personally I think it looks awesome to put a different color on nails and do not stop at one and boring, I would totally say that you should wear some contrast on your nails. I used a mint green and the Jolly Jewells from Golden Rose and it looks amazing.

The pink color that actually in my pictures look like orange is a neon pink from Color Club nails1

What I want to say is… Just wear pink!!! Is a lovely color. Even if you choose neon or normal pink it will warm your day and it will make you feel more confident and full of nails

Kisses, and I wait your feedback :*


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