Like a cherry blossom

Hey dolls!
Hope you did not forget to sparkle and love today 🙂
I have another ouftit of the day for you and I like so much to show you my ouftits. I am not just into beauty posts but also fashion ones. Well my outfit is something important for me, and in this summer I made a promise that I will wear just nice colors and crazy outfits , that I was afraid to wear before. I wore this ouftit for a late evening with friends in a nice place.
I wore a pinkish neon blazer from Zara, Next shirt, Only jeans, All star converse and the pink blossom Louis Vuitton bag. Hope you enjoy my pinkish outfit and I wish you all the best.






4 gânduri despre „Like a cherry blossom

    1. Pei sunt rasfatata si nu imi e rusine sa admit asta. Sunt singura la părinți si asta a avut o mare influență asupra mea. Dar acum te întreb … E rău sa fiu si sa ma simt răsfățată?


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