DIY: Save your old favorite sweater


Hello there,

EN: This season is the season of large and warm sweaters! For a while now, the sweaters gained territory and now they are a statement piece in the fashion world. Also the good news are that we can feel confortable and chic, even if is really cold outside. Even if you like to wear a large sweater or a classic one,  unlike other clothing articles, sweaters require attention when you wear them and, especially, when you wash them.

Anyway I am sure that not all of you ladies afford to buy a new sweater every season, so that is why today I’m going to teach you how to take care of old sweaters, and how to make an old sweater look like new one.

I am sure that everyone has an old favourite sweater in the closet and you want so bad to wear it, without without feeling embarrassed that your sweater is filled with fluff. So go and look for it in the closet and let’s get busy!


RO: Acest sezon, este sezonul puloverelor largi si calduroase! De ceva vreme, puloverele si-au reintrat, usor-usor, in drepturi si au fost ridicate la rang de piese statement de catre fashionistele din lumea intreaga. De asemenea vestea buna e ca ne este mult mai usor sa fim chic in zilele geroase si in acelasi timp putem sa ne imbracam confortabil, dar si in rand cu moda.

Indiferent ca va plac puloverele largi, XXL sau un pulover clasic spre deosebire de alte articole de imbracaminte, puloverele cer atentie cand le porti si, mai ales, cand le speli. Si oricum sunt sigura ca nu toate ne permitem sa ne cumparam un pulover nou in fiecare sezon, asa ca azi am sa va invat cum sa aveti grija de puloverele vechi, si cum sa faceti un pulover vechi sa arate ca si nou.

Sunt sigura ca toate avem cate un pulover preferat din Iarna trecuta pe care am dori sa il repurtam, fara a ne simti stanjenite ca s-a umplut de scame. Asa ca dute si cauta-l in dulap si hai sa ne apucam de treaba!

do it yourself

Nimic mai usor nu?

Now, go attack your sweater drawer with a razor and let me know how it turns out!

And voila! Once the pills were removed from tour sweater, it looks years younger! Not only will I now be able to get more use out of it, I am also able to wear it with nicer things than I had been able to in the past.

8 gânduri despre „DIY: Save your old favorite sweater

  1. Ce draguta e postarea si sunt perfect de acord cu ideea ta, de a gasi o modalitate prin care sa nu fie nevoie sa aruncam puloverele mai vechi.
    Sa nu iti mai spun ca imi place tare mult aspectul postarilor, arata asa girly, so cute ❤


  2. Hey, really cool post! I like the sweaters in the first picture all so much, but I guess my favourite is probably the second one! 🙂 Oh and I’m so in love with the little drawings in your posts ❤
    And the SNOWFLAKES!!! how cute!


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