Fall fashion outfit: How To Style a Trench Coat

Hello cute ladies,

EN: I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a great time catching up with friends as well as catching up on lots of sleep and studying! I had school all the weekend and I can`t cry for this because I enjoyed my classes. Genetic Counseiling was clearly my dream in what concerns studies and I will do my best to study good and become a good psychologyst. Last week was a long one, but I’m just loving that it’s October and even if I am looking forward for some sun I still love fall. My favorite season for clothes has to be Fall! I think it’s the time where ever girl dreams of getting dressed up in big sweaters, boots, hats and sipping coffee. To me, even though the leaves turn and fall, it’s a time for fresh beginnings and new dreams.

Down here you can see in my pictures that I choose to wear  some pieces that they totally „scream” FALL… The piece of rezistence in this outfit has to be the trench, and I think that the beige trench is for sure a star in every outfit
. What you would need more is for sure a burgundy pants or any other burgundy stuff because this color is just amazing.

I choose to wear metalic accesories like the bag and the shoes because I love so much the statement pieces, and for sure that my bag and shoes can be called like this.

So I just hope you like my outfit and and I wait for your feedback for sure.


RO:  Sper ca ati avut parte de un weekend minunat! Eu cu siguranta am avut, si am profitat de el impreuna cu prietenii, mi-am facut somnul de frumusete si am invatat. Am avut scoala in weekend si nu pot sa ma plang din cauza asta pentru ca am savurat orele petrecute acolo. Consilierea genetica a fost cu siguranta un vis pentru mine in ceea ce privesc studiile, asa ca voi incerca sa dau tot ce e mai bun din mine pentru a deveni un psiholog bun. Saptamana trecuta a fost lunga, dar imi place luna Octombrie si chiar daca putin soare ar fi bine venit, tot iubesc toamna. Este anotimpul meu preferat in ceea ce priveste imbracamintea. Cred ca este perioada la care fiecare fata viseaza, deoarece ne plac pulloverele largi, cizmulitele, caciulitele si cafeaua. Pentru mine chiar daca frunzele cad, stiu ca de fapt este timpul pentru noi inceputuri si noi vise.

Dupa cum puteti vedea si in pozele de mai jos, outfitul ales de mine este format cu siguranta din piese care striga intr-un fel Toamna. Piesa de rezistenta in aceasta tinuta este cu siguranta trenciul, si cred ca trenciul bej este un star in orice outfit. Ceea ce nu poate lipsi din garderoba ta in aceasta toamna sunt cu siguranta pantalonii burgundy, sau orice alta piesa vestimentara in aceasta culoare.

Am ales sa port accesorii metalice, precum geanta si pantofii, pentru ca ador piesele statement, si cu siguranta geanta si pantofii mei pot fi numiti asa.Asadar sper ca v-a placut tinuta mea si astept niste pareri cu siguranta.






What I wear:

Pants: ZARA


Shoes:  Random Shop

Bag: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Hope you enjoyed my article and don`t forget to follow me  if you are searching for more glamourous stuff :

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    1. Multumesc :* Mihaela nu stiu sa iti raspund exact la intrebare pentru ca o prietena din Anglia mi l-a comandat si ea mi l-a trimis. Nu stiu daca expediaza in Romania, dar din ce am vazut eu pe site la ei cred ca nu.


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