Simple fall look – black and white outfit

Hello my ladies,
EN: Today is such a fall day… Waking up to the cool breeze slowing making its way through the window and nipping at my toes made me pull the covers tight around me and made me figure out that it will Take me a time to go out of bed . I couldn’t came out of bed and I just wanted to stay snuggled up in my warm blanket, it finally felt like fall today in My city and I love it!
For sure you know that feeling of going through your closet and pushing all your summer tanks and open toed shoes to the side and making way for jackets and boots is a nice change. Plus it’s always a good excuse to go shopping for new stuff! I do however have a few staple pieces in my closet that I can wear from summer straight into fall by adding a few simple touches. Today it was a pair of black jeans, white converse a cute printed blouse and my leather jacket! Are you ready for fall or already missing summer?


RO: Azi e o zi superba de toamna… In momentul in care m-am trezit si am simțit aerul rece, care își făcea loc încetisor sub plapumioara mea, si  ma gadila încet la degetele de la picioare, am strâns plapuma in jurul meu Si mi-am dat seama ca nu voi cobora repede din pat. Nu puteam sa cobor din pat si tot ce mi-am dorit a fost sa stau ghemuita in plapumioara calda. In sfârșit s-a simțit toamna in orașul meu si ce e drept mi-a plăcut senzația.

Cu siguranță recunoașteți, acea senzație, când mergi la dulap si sa impingi de o parte tricourile de vara si pantofii cu degetele la vedere, si faci loc la jachete si ghete, pentru mine o schimbare frumoasa. In plus este o scuza numai buna pentru a merge la shopping si sa aduceți lucruri noi. Eu totuși am câteva hainute pe care le pot purta vara si sa fac tranzitia la toamna cu ele, cu doar cateva modificari. Astazi am ales o pereche de jeanși negri, converse albi, o cămăsuta draguta cu imprimeu si jacheta de piele. Voi sunteți gata de toamna sau încă va lipseste vara?

I wear: Zara black jeans
Only jacket
Atmosphere printed blouse
Atmosphere bag
Converse all star

Hope you enjoyed my article and don`t forget to follow me if you are searching for more glamourous stuff.


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  1. Hi dear Romina!
    Nice to meet your in this boundless world, called Internet. Thanks much for following my blog! Much appreciated! It is my pleasure to read your unique and nice posts! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors! BTW, I think you had better to add some of your LOVELY photos in your page „About Me”.

    Keep in touch!



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