The Starting off Project: Concealer

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EN: Welcome to the second theme from The Starting off Project. Today we will talk about the concealer. That amazing product that hides the imperfections. But please don`t forget that is not enough to hide. We need to cure from inside first so don`t waste your nights and after use tons of concealer to hide the dark circles around the eye, because is not helpfull. If you saw the last article from the starting off project – the skincare routine you will understand better what I mean, and if you didn`t see it yet, I advice you to take a look now here.

So like I said the concealer is a cosmetic product used to mask skin imperfections: blemishes, pimples, dark circles pronounced.  If you take care of your skin you will not need to use the concealer every day. I have some red spots too on my face but I don`t feel is necessary to use the concealer every day. Is a good option but not a must have and I think is better to let the face breath and to try to make it look better from inside.

RO: Bine ati revenit pentru a doua tema din cadrul The starting off Project. Astazi vom vorbi despre corector. Acel minunat produs care ascunde imperfectiunile. Dar va rog nu uitati ca, nu e de ajuns sa ascunzi. Trebuie mai intai sa tratam din interior, asa ca nu pierde noptile aiurea pentru ca nu te va ajuta prea mult corectorul sa acoperi cearcanele.   Daca ati vazut celalalt articol din cadrul aceluiasi proiect – rountina de ingrijire a tenului veti intelege ce vreau sa spun, si daca nu ati citit, va sfatuiesc sa aruncati o privire aici.

Asadar, cum am mai spus, corectorul este un produs care ajuta la mascarea imperfectiunilor tenului: pete, cosuri, cearcane pronuntate. Daca ai grija de tenul tau nu mai este nevoie sa folosesti corectorul in fiecare zi. Eu am cateva pete rosii dar nu consider ca ar fi necesar sa folosesc corectorul zilnic. Este o optiune buna, dar nu ceva necesar si cred ca e bine ca uneori sa lasam tenul sa respire si sa incercam sa il facem sa arate bine din interior.


EN: It looks simple no? But let`s be realistic is not just like this. If you use the concealer in a wrong way you risk looking ridiculous. This is why the first step of using a concealer is to find a concealer that suits your skin color and skin texture.

Well now, in what concerns the way you choose the concealer, you can find thousand of reviews from all the type of products and for the concealer too on beauty blogs. Me personally I am not buying everything I read about, and it seems nice. Maybe on my skin is really not good that product. But, like I said in the first article  from this project,  I advice you to always ask for samples from the cosmetic shops and like this you can see how that product works and what color is better for you, what you don`t like about it, and stuff like this. You can make your own review to say it like this.

Now let`s see how we use the concealer, because that’s really important. If you want to have a nice makeup you should use the concealer because it is a beauty essential and  it help to brighten up a tired face. We do everything we can to use it to camouflage our flaws yet all too often, we end up accentuating them. And that’s why, despite the fact that breaking down the details of how to apply concealer correctly sounds like the most boring makeup topic ever, but it is actually really important.

A  concealer can be your best friend or the worst enemy. Using the wrong color or texture can ruin an entire makeup.

Hope you will find this helpfull, and down you can find my routine in what concerns the correction with a concealer, and also some tips that will help you.


RO: Pare simplu nu? Dar haideti sa fim realisti, pentru ca nu e chiar asa de simplu. Daca folosesti corectorul in mod gresit, risti sa arati ridicol. De aceea primul pas in folosirea corectorului este sa gasesti un corector care sa ti se potriveasca cu culoarea tenului si textura tenului.

Acum in ceea ce priveste alegerea corectorului, poti gasi mii de review-uri pentru toate tipurile de produse si pentru corector de asemenea pe blogurile de beauty. Eu personal, nu cumpar tot despre ce citesc si pare bun. Poate pe tenul meu nu e la fel de bun acel produs. Dar, cum am mai spus in primul articol din acest proiect va sfatuiesc sa cereti mereu niste monstre de la magazinele cosmetice si astfel poti vedea cum e produsul, ce culoare ti se potriveste, ce nu ti-a placut la el si alte chestii. Iti poti face propriul tau review sa zic asa.

Dar cel mai important este modul de folosire si aplicare a corectorului. Daca doriti un machiaj care sa arate perfect, frumos si corect ar trebui sa folosesti corectorul pentru ca este esential si ajuta la iluminarea unei fete obosite. Facem orice ca sa camouflam, dar de cele mai multe ori reusim sa le evidentiem. Si tocmai de aceea  in ciuda faptului ca aceste detalii despre modul in care se aplica un corector pot parea un subiect plictisitor despre machiaj, defapt e unul foarte important.

Un corector poate fi cel mai bun prieten al tau, sau cel mai cumplit dusman. Folosirea culorii  sau a texturii gresitepoate ruina intregul machiaj.

Sper ca aceste sfaturi sa va fie folositoare, si mai jos puteti gasi routina mea in ceea ce priveste corectarea impefectiunilor, aplicarea corectorului si de asemenea cateva sfaturi care te vor ajuta.

[Products I used: Unifiance Correcteur Rougeurs de La Roche Posay 17 € , MAC Studio Finish Concealer 15,99 $]


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Hope you will enjoy it and I wish a lovely day.


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    1. Thanks a lot dear :* my mom is the beautician so she is brow expert. I never touch them :)) I am glad you feel the same about the good skin because the makeup looks much better on a nice skin or maybe u don’t even need it.


    1. This is what I try dear :* I want to make it be something helpfull and to write in a easy way so my readers to get all the informations. :* thanks for passing by :*


    1. Iti multumesc :* Ma bucur ca iti place. Am incercat sa imi creez un stil propriu si sa lucrez la ele cum trebuie. Stau mult timp pentru un articol dar ma simt foarte bine cand dau pe publicati :))


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