Untried polish challenge: Cheapest

Hello sweet ladies,

I am sure that you all have some untried polish in your beauty bag. This time I made a  new manicure based on a challenge that started before some time and I really couldn`t wait to finish my exams so I can join the other girls. I should use a cheap polish this time so I used the cheapest one that I have. The name of the polish is Leydi and I found it in a local store in my city Satu Mare. If you follow me on my facebook page here you could see that I sined so bad buying a lot of cheap polish 😀

In my manicure today I used not just the Leydi polish but also the Gabrini polish (coral pink ) and some acrylic paints to paint my lovely beads.  I did 2 of my nails with the Leydi nail polish and other 3 with the Gabrini and after I used the acrylic paints to make them. It was really simple and if you ask maybe I can make a tutorial for this.

You can see that even if the Leydi polish is so cheap it looks good on the nails. Of course I use it more that one loss to look like this but still is good no?

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Fullscreen capture 7162013 64721 PM.bmp

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