Find your glamour

Definition of Glamour:
Feeling your best and pursuing your radiant life, cherishing yourself so deeply that you radiate joy.

We all dream to have a glamourous life. We all want to appear  on the cover of the most glamourous magazine, and if it is possible we dream on Vogue no?  Well me I think of being glamorous as being your best, most creative self, and sharing this sparkle with others. I feel glamourous when I  feel more alive, inspired and joyful. Today I tried to bring some glamour in your house and I hope I succed because I just adore glamour things. I created a makeup that has the theme „Glamour”. Is a makeup from the collaboration that we have some bloggers named Makeup Series.

Down here are some tips for you girls to live your life in glamour.

  • Recognize beauty in all its forms. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.
  • Love fashion and style but know that getting a pair of Manolos is not going to make you happy. It is what you do in those shoes that fosters meaning.
  • You don’t need a lot of stuff to feel glamorous. That feeling is cultivated from within.
  • Love being female. Embrace femininity.
  • Find that thing that gives your life purpose and meaning and share it







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