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The Cape: One Trend, Four Ways

In fashion, you can always count on history to repeat itself. In acest sezon designeri au resuscitat renumita capa,trench  , poncho sau cu doriti sa ii spuneti.

Mai jos aveti cateva imagini cu niste cape superbe!

Si eu mi-am achizitionat una de la oasis de curand si abia astept sa o scot la plimbare 😉



Contemporary Chic
A little black cape is the perfect addition to any Contemporary Chic outfit, and the precious gold buttons really make this one pop. It’s elegant and refined with a bit of an edge.
$540, at
Modern Boho
Modern Bohos certainly aren’t modest with it comes to bright colors and patterns. Add this red plaid cape to your favorite T-shirt and jeans for an outfit perk and instant attitude lift in the middle of dreary winter.
$42.80, at
Rule Breaker
Any Rule Breaker knows the best pieces are those that are most comfortable. Dress us in this hoodie-style and you’d have to throw us in a sauna to want to willingly remove it.
$322, at 


Classic Sophisticate
A trench cape? Can we just call it and say this is the ultimate Classic Sophisticate look for the trend? With its layers and long length, it’s the best addition to any closet.
$1,990, at

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